Sunday, 2 March 2014

Let's get Lush

Hello everyone, today I bring you a post based on products from lovely LUSH. After running around town buying some staple cleaning products in order for me to catch up on belated cleaning duties, I noticed my conscience was niggling away at me to go treat myself. obviously ,I caved in and went into one of my favourite shops for bath and beauty products, LUSH!

I had in mind what I wanted to buy and when the lovely lady in the store offered her kind help, I couldn't wait to quiz her on what was to offer. knowing I wanted a fresh face mask, I felt a little overwhelmed looking at all the choice but the assistant gave me step by step options that were suitable to my needs.

I asked the store member for a fresh face mask that would be suitable for dull skin and was suggested "Brazened honey". "Brazened honey" includes ingredients of honey, lime, ginger, sage and coriander. It's main ingredient is Kaolin clay that is commonly found in most packet face masks. This face mask even contains small ground almond shells , allowing it to gently exfoliate the skin also. The mask smells fresh and fruity, very expected from lush. I want to eat it but I retract.

I was even politely given a live demonstration in store of the mask on the back of my hand ,to decide if I felt it was suitable for me.  

As the mask is kept in the fridge, it feels soothing as I massage it in to my face and the small ground almond shells start their exfoliating duties. I leave the mask on for 10 minutes before noticing little parts of the mask beginning to flake off on my top, indicating it's time to be washed away.

As I wash it off,  my skin is left feeling smooth , vibrant and dare I say glowing ?! I was so impressed that I continued to use the mask consecutively for three days , each time being impressed by it's effects. Now, I don't recommend using any exfoliating product on the skin three times consecutively, but I was so impressed that the contents did what it said on the tub that I couldn't resist pampering myself with it again and again. I have only just used less than half a tub of product, so this has been great value for me also.

My only downside to this face mask is that it was a little drying on my skin though I do have dry skin and the result may be different for those with oily skin types.

All fresh face masks have a short shelf life , which may be disappointing to some but it further implements how fresh the ingredients really are. The shelf life sticker can easily be seen on the back of the tub and what's amazing is that if you collect 5 empty face mask tubs, return them in store for a free one on them!

"New" shampoo bar

The next item I purchased from LUSH was the "NEW" shampoo bar. I have used the lush shampoo bars in the past and have been impressed by how long they last and how well a job they do at cleaning my hair. Noticing my hair was looking rather limp and thin that week, I grabbed this for it's scalp stimulating properties that targeted towards my tired hair.

"NEW" shampoo bar has a strong clove and peppermint scent, that definitely awakens my senses if not my hair. "NEW" shampoo bar includes ingredients of clove oil, glycerine, cinnamon and nettle with it's main cleaning agent being sulfate. There's been an added cinnamon stick on top of the shampoo bar for decoration, which even though I appreciate , does actually scratch my head when I use it.(ouch)  

As soon as you swipe this shampoo bar on wet hair, you are emerged in a rich and thick lather. It's amazing how much lather you get from just a couple of swipes of this shampoo bar on your head, and it really cleans the hair thoroughly. My hair looked shiny and clean and I can already see that this shampoo bar is going to last me a whole month. 

Shampoo bars are also great for travel because they are light and there's no risk of any pesky leaks in your college bag.

"NEW" shampoo bar retails for £5.50.

"The Godmother" soap bar.

After explaining my love for snow fairy shower gel that limits it's perky face at Christmas time, the store assistant recommended I try "The Godmother" soap bar. I didn't actually purchase this little slice of soap, the assistant said my "smiley attitude" had made her smile too so she gave me this piece of soap for free! Yes, nice gestures do still exist ! I wanted to just hug her when she popped this in my LUSH bag but I held back as I thought that would be a tad inappropriate. 

so if you are a lover of snow fairy shower gel, then you will be spell bound by the sickly sweet scent ,( reminiscant of pear drops), of "The Godmother".  This fuchsia and pink coloured soap includes rapeseed and coconut oil. I have enjoyed using this soap , with it's fragrance lingering around the bathroom long after I initially used it. It can at times be very strong smelling, so bare this in mind if you're likely to get headaches from strong scents. 

I was able to get a light lather though I don't think I will be repurchasing this soap any time soon. I have dry skin, and even though this didn't exacerbate that, I believe lush will have other shower soaps to offer with more moisturising properties. I also find myself going through bar soap far more quickly than I do with shower gel, though I do keep this bar in a little tub to prevent if from vanishing in the shower when I'm not using it. 

"The Godmother " retails for £3.10 per 100 grams. 

"Popcorn" lip scrub.

The final treat I have to show you is "Popcorn" lip scrub."Popcorn" lip scrub contains only six ingredients and smells of , surprise, POPCORN! I actually don't like popcorn but love the flavour. Confused?

This lip scrub smells delicious with jojoba and cocoonut oil to moisturise the lips once they've been scrubbed. I dip my finger into the tub , scrub away gently in small circular motions and then lick away all the sugary and salty goodness. I enjoy using this cute little tub of a lip scrub, but I can't help but feel that it's expensive when considering the main ingredient is caster sugar.

This lip scrub does it's job ,leaving me with soft and smooth lips and I am eager to try the other lip scrubs in the range available though I am in no rush to repurchase a scrub any time soon. 

"Popcorn" lip scrub retails for £5.50 for 25 grams. 

I hope you have enjoyed this little review of some Lush products I have to show you. LUSH is a great company who have the most helpful and polite staff I have ever encountered in store. I recommend keeping products in tubs or the tins available to purchase in store to keep them in good condition and prevent them from washing away down the plug hole too fast. 

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