Tuesday, 4 March 2014

The' RWB' edit

Hi everyone :) . I have chosen to do a small fashion edit based on the theme of 'RWB' ( red, white and blue). Red, white and blue go gloriously together and each colour compliments and contrasts one another. I enjoy experimenting with red white and blue , mixing between casual and formal clothing items.  I have focused upon one outfit in particular but then added two more casual outfits that still follow along the same colour theme.

I apologise that the photos aren't the best quality. I've discovered it's not as easy as I thought attempting to take photo's jumping mid-air on my digital camera , with no stand and relying solely on the camera timer. 

The first outfit i wish to show you is more formal with a nautical / costume feel to it. It reminds me of Adam and the ants , making me want to whip out some face paint and mark my cheeks in streaks. 

As you can see the blazer has a uniformed aspect to it which makes it appear almost costume like,  though making a bold statement. I love the gold detailing on the blazer which breaks up the bold colours of the red , white and blue.

Outfit Menu 

Navy Blazer - River island
White oxford shirt - New look
Red chinos - New look
Brogues - Sports direct

Here is just a casual way I have mixed red, white and blue. I wear this outfit for any time where I just want a relaxed day with minimal effort.

Outfit menu

Burgendy scarf - Primark
Jack wills white tee - Jack wills
Blue jeans - Peacocks
Blue Nikes - Asos

The final outfit I wish to show you is also super casual , minimalistic and very comfy during the colder spring days. I have also added a photo of the brown brogues which I wore for this outfit , as well for the blazer compilation.

Outfit menu

White knitted wool jumper - H&M
Red chinos - New look
Brown brogue boots  sports direct

I hope you enjoyed this small 'RWB' edit and has inspired you to mix and match with these colours. It was fun creating this post and would love to hear your favourite high street stores and opinions ? 

Themintapple :)


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