Saturday, 8 March 2014

# OOTD : Colour Punch Sports Wear

Hi everyone ! I was inspired to create an outfit that reflected upon a lot of the "Sports" or "gym" attire that I see often in the shops. Whether it be from long mesh tops or bold T-shirts blasting sports numbers and teams, this style is out in full force. Though I enjoy this style, I have noticed the colours of these tops don't often stray away from black and white. I have created an outfit inspired by those themed clothes but with a colour punch for spring giving a casual, playful, college day feel to the outfit. Yes, I am wearing a crop top.

Why are you wearing a crop top , do I hear you say ? Watching "A nightmare on elm street" , a very young and fresh faced Johnny Depp appeared wearing a crop top and jogging bottoms whilst portraying his very best victim acting skills . I fell in love with the outfit! He looked so casual and sporty , I had to try a crop top even if his outfit dated from 1984. After convincing my flatmates I wanted one, a friend of a flatmate surprised me with the yellow crop top that you see below . (Thankyou)!

I've chosen bold block colours to move away from winter and into the spring. The jeans could have been switched for jogging bottoms to give a more sporty and gym feel.

Outfit Menu

Blue washed denim Jeans - Primark
Blue Nikes  - Asos
Grey Casual Hoody - New look
NY colour cap - New look
Yellow Crop top - Topshop
Black back pack - Fred Perry

What do you guys think ? Please feel free to leave a comment below. Do you agree with the 'Hideous halfshirt' and for the crop top to be left alone ?

Themintapple :) 


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  1. Heya Harry! I have nominated you for the Lieber Award! Check out the tag :) xx


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