Sunday, 6 July 2014

June Haul : Men's fashion 2014

I'm sure we can all agree on one thing this month , which is that where has the time gone ? May and June have just flown by without passing go or collecting £200. During June I decided that it was time to collect a few fashion bits and pieces for the summer,  as majority of my wardrobe still consists of heavy knitted jumpers. ( I'm a slave to winter fashion)! I don't often do Hauls of any kind, with majority of that reason being at present 1. I'm on a student budget and 2. I'm saving up for a house deposit.  The pieces of fashion I have chosen are more playful and colourful to match the vibrancy of the bright summer weather. If you wish to find the stores where I bought my items from, just click on the photo and it will send you to the webpage.

Hype T-shirt ( from Topman)

I'm a lover of floral for any day in any season and I fell in love with this garden floral print by "Hype". The Hype collections are found in most Topman stores and I have admired many of their designs,  though this shirt really took my fancy. The design consists of a bouquet mingled with garden greenery and the odd butterfly here and there. It is a very bold T-shirt but the white cotton background  helps to balance out the clashing colours. ( I've edited the third picture to emphasise the detail of the pattern)

Plaid Shirt from H & M

I love this shirt from H & M as it mixes three colours that would clash against one another if they weren't softened down as they are here. The shirt consists of a neutral tone pink, yellow and light blue for a soft plaid colour combination. I usually wear it buttoned up to the top with a pair of jeans though I could throw it over white T-shirt for a more casual look. I feel that due to the softened tones of colours, the shades may become more faded through general wash and wear, but will just add further to the neutral colour scheme 
 This currently retails for just under £20.

Nike Trainers - Asos

I have had my eye on a pair of white trainers for some time now and when I spotted this Nike pair detailed in Teal, I had to have them! Further more for my reasoning to have them was that I was able to grab them in the sale. The teal colour is beautiful, but how long I can keep these trainers sparkling white for is another question.

Jack wills- rucksack

I love my current bag but I decided it was time to get a back pack that was colourful and spacious so I can throw together anything that was needed for travel or a get away to the beach.  I picked up this Jack wills backpack from the sale, in a bright pillow box red with a contrasting navy panel and navy lining. The bag straps are comfortable and boasts an exterior and hidden interior pocket to keep items such as mobile phone tucked safely away. I'm impressed with the quality of this ruck sac which I expected as always with the Jack wills brand.

White polo shirt  - Next

My final high street purchase is this crisp white polo shirt from Next. I previously had a Fred perry white shirt that I would  wear with just blue jeans, though it seems to have dissappeared in the depths of my wardrobe . ( I still pray for it's return). I adore the contrast of a crisp clean white shirt against dark blue jeans for the summer, something simple yet stylish. The collar on the polo makes the shirt seem a little more formal and gives some structure around the neck and shoulders.

The mint Apple :)

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