Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Favourite Apps : January

So you took a photo you love, but it lacks something ? Perhaps to be sharpened , filtered or mirrored even. The quickest way to edit photos is just an App away.  I love watching videos and reading blogs about apps, especially when they are photo editing apps. I thought this time I will show you some of my favourite apps that I'm loving at the moment. I have an Iphone 4s but it only has an 8GB memory capacity so I like to keep my apps to a minimum if possible.Every now and and then I'll have a phone clear out and delete apps or photos that are calling to be erased.

~ Diptic ~

So my first photography App is Diptic. Diptic allows you to sew photos together to create your own little collages. The reason I love Diptic is that you have control over the frame added to any collages made. You can change the width, colour, edges, add textures or remove the border completely. Diptic also gives you the ability to edit photos with filters, adjustments and adding text. The app is just more flexible than most free collage apps I have used and is now my go to app for photo editing ( even before instagram!).  Diptic does cost to download I'm afraid though I believe it to be a little investment for those who love to get creative with Instagram photos.

For those who wish to create collage photos on a free app then I recommend Picstitch. It doesn't have as many photo editing options as Diptic and it isn't as flexible on the front of editing borders around photos either. However it is a great alternative for those who wish to try a photo collaging app.

~ PS express ~

A quick and easy photo editing app. This app allows you to edit photo's through filters, adjustments and enhancements. The reason why I like this app is the choice of options and frames available as well as a red eye detection to remove any red eye from your snaps. It's user friendly and makes editing photos a doddle. The only thing this app doesn't offer is the ability to create collages of photos.

Of course there is always Instagram itself which gives you the option to filter you photos last minute before you upload them. I recommend trying a different photo editing app as well just to give you more options and diversity for your photos. It's easy to get stuck using the same Instagram filter for every photo.

~ Wallpapers ~

As far as I can tell, the app itself is just called "wallpapers". Can you guess what it does yet? It's a wallpaper app. You guessed correctly. This app allows you to scroll through some of the latest photos and images to find a wallpaper that matches your mood. There's a wide choice of wallpaper selection from animals wallpapers to landscape,  to ones created with IOS 7 in mind. It's easy to use , you find the image you like, save it to your picture reel and then set image as wallpaper. EASY! The only down side is that you do get the odd advert pop up now and again.

~ Pixiwoo magazine - TWO ~

This is an app that downloads into your newsstand. 'Two' magazine is a free magazine created by the Pixiwoo sisters, Sam and Nic. Pixiwoo is a popular and well known Youtube channel offering make-up tutorials and other beauty related videos to their audience. They are creative and constantly on the ball with the latest make-up trends. Their magazine is full of glamorous photo's , advice, tips and interviews with other skilled make-up artists. This magazine just catches your eye instantly and best of all it's free! Sam Chapman even has her own make-up brush range that is found in most drug stores and some supermarkets.

So that is all folks. Just a small round-up on some of my favourite current apps at the moment. feel free to share yours with me or add me on instagram.  

The mint apple :)

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