Friday, 9 January 2015

Lip balm of 2014

The lip balm winners of 2014!

lip balms are my kryptonite , ( among many other things). I can even think as to why I'm such a lip balm obsessive though this may be my excuse to the situation. I recall being young and having the most battered and beaten trout pout. I would ask to have lip balms but being young I would always lose them and so the final result was using some cold cream that lurked under the kitchen sink that did nothing more than have me looking like I was coco the clown. *shudders* Then one day   stumbled upon my sisters lip smacker  and it was game on ; I've been hooked on finding the perfect lip balm ever since.

I always carry a lip balm on me all times to ensure I avoid any withdrawals. Through my years of dedication to purchasing lip balms, only few have conquered but many have fallen. very dramatic, right ? Throughout 2014 there have been just two clear stand out winners . These are two lip balms that I've enjoyed using ,  repurchased and plan to repurchase again. So , drum roll please....

Nuxe - Reve de miel

A well hyped lip balm in the beauty blogger and youtube community and now I know why. Reaching towards the more pricey end of lip balms , though I can't deny how intensely moisturising it is. Ingredients include honey , shea butter and grapefruit essence that give it a sweet scent. Despite being marketed as a lip balm I find it to be more of  a putty , due to it's thick texture that melts away on contact. I use this before i go to bed and I wake up with supple lips. sometimes I question that they look fuller! Great to use early on the day as it will last for hours , it's not greasy and comes in a sturdy glass jar. I will most certainly be repurchasing !

Reve de miel can be purchased from space.nk or here.

Burt's Bees lip balm

A staple product of mine for years and continues to prove it's still got the edge over the other lip balms i've tried and tested. A lip balm made mostly of bees wax that comes in an iconic yellow tube, perfect to throw in your pocket for on the go. whenever I try a new lip balm that falls flat, I return straight to my trusted Burt's bees. Burt's bees  lip balms come in a variety of flavours and colours from mango to coconut & pear, though the original lip balm with peppermint oil is my favourite. It makes the lips soft, without creating a greasy shine or causing a build up that leaves a gunky film on the lips. ( you lip balm obsessives will know what I mean). long lasting and great for guys too. I certainly won't be going short of this lip balm wonder!

Burts bees can be purchased from Boots stores or online here .

Sincerely, Harry 


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