Friday, 9 January 2015

What's in my bag ?

Hi , everyone!  I'm often watching youtube videos and reading blogs on " what's in my bag?"  You would think perhaps that these sort of posts would be a little mundane and pointless , but to me I'm intrigued in what people carry in their day to day life. You never know if you're going to see something that will make your own life a little easier, If anything just to take a nose as to what everyone's hoarding around !

As you can see from my photo's I'm no professional photographer and I strived to find a place to take the photos, as natural light struggles to exist in my apartment. what you can see " in my bag" are the basics I take every where, give or take a few things depending on whether I'm travelling or going to work. For example, if I'm going to work I take a fob watch & mug and if I'm travelling I take my toiletries bag. You get the gist...

I am currently using two bags and alternate between them depending on my outfit. My first bag is a "Mi-pac" back pack from Asos in this floral granny chic design that I adore. The second bag is a classic black holdall  from River island with silver zips that is more formal and spacious.

Listed in my bag in clockwise order is as follows ;
  1. Ipod shuffle ( one of the best things I've ever bought)
  2. pack of tissues for the winter sniffles
  3. my silver glittery notepad ( closeup picture below)
  4. Burts bees lip balm
  5. Badger balm lip balm 
  6. Wallet
  7. chewing gum from Lidl ( It's great!)
  8. Hugo boss glasses
  9. pen
  10. small Jack wills fragrance ( i change fragrances alot  , this is just a conveniant size for travel)
  11. leather coin purse
  12. 2015 diary
  13. pink notepad for more notes ( mostly medical notes from Uni) 
  14. iphone 5 (the gold case is from Amazon by a company called Ringke. I recommend it as it's sturdy, thin and the colour doesn't fade with scratches and bumps)

A close-up photo of my glittery silver owl notepad from paperchase , for my blogging ideas. I never thought a notepad would bring me so much happiness! I hope you enjoyed this quick and simple post. What's a must have item in your bag ?

Sincerely , Harry 

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