Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Jo Malone : Herb Garden colllection

When it comes to beauty product releases, little brings me more joy than seeing a new fragrance collection to one of my favourite fragrance houses ; Jo Malone . 

Jo Malone have released five limited fragrances based on the concept (and titled) , "The herb garden." Each fragrance uniquely headlining an earthy and green herb accord , some diced between other fragrant floral and fruity notes. The campaign's main image being a lady in her garden, showing a very glamorous side to being green fingered. The whole concept oozes a british vibe.

The five blossoming fragrances stand at ;

- Lavender and coriander
- Wild strawberry and parsley
- Sorrel and lemon thyme
- Nasturtuim and clover 
- Carrot blossom and fennel

( I didn't even know carrot blossom existed.)

Each slender glass bottle is tinted with a shade of leafy green , with a silhouette print of a herb that can be seen through the bottle. Simple yet reflective to the collection. 

I knew I would like at least one of these fragrances , but i didn't expect to have a like to all of them. The two standouts to me where the sorrel and lemon thyme and the lavender and coriander. Sorrell and lemon thyme surged my taste buds to salivate from the sharp and citrus scent , bursting with a refreshing sourness. This would mix beautifully with one of my fave scents, 'wood sage & sea salt'. 

Lavender and coriander has a romantic vibe, calming and soothing as resting your feet from a long day with a cup of tea. The coriander tones down the floral notes of lavender , whilst an underlying tonka bean accord adds depth , warmth and a very subtle sweetness.

With my purchase the staff kindly gave me a little fabric pouch with some "Herb bombs",  so I could grow a herb garden of my own. A gesture from them to me which just completed the Jo malone experiance. I was just missing some rain and soil!

Each 30ml fragrance retails for £44 , and are only available for a limited time.

( sidenote : Instead of binning the fragrance cards used to sample scents in Jo Malone, recycle them as bookmarks or magazine page markers . ) 

Sincerley, Harry 

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