Thursday, 3 March 2016

The contour "blush" product you should know about

I have found a drug store contouring product that you may just be missing out on.

I love the concept of contouring ; if done well and subtly.  It can add dimension and shape by enhancing the natural bone structure of the face. The art of contouring is to use a deeper colour than your skin tone to replicate shadows on the face or body. With the 2015 contouring frenzy , beauty companies released contour palettes galore and they hit the shelves fast and hard. Though I find some contour palettes amazing , my concern was that I was coming across a lot of warm, orange toned contour products that were perfect for bronzing and not so much suitable for contouring. When I want to bronze my face I want a warm toned brown colour ( with an undertone of orange/red),  and when I want to contour my face I prefer a cool toned brown (undertones of grey/ beige).

Fortunately ,I have been able to find a hidden gem amongst the drug store contouring products that I wish to share with you. funnily enough, it's actually a blush ! 'NYX' cosmetics have a high definition blush powder range , and within it's range is the hidden gem that is shade "Taupe". It's a cool toned neutral brown that has perfect blend of brown and grey tones that mimic a shadow , making it a perfect contour colour. What's also great is that it is completely matte powder though very well finely milled, and silky to the touch. The pigment is great and it blends effortlessly!

I apply this product to my cheekbones, jawline, and ever so slightly the sides of my nose and hairline.

The packaging is a small , sleek black glossy compact with bow detailed clasp. It's simple and efficient plastic packaging is very light though doesn't feel too cheap . There is also a perspex window on the top of the packaging so you can see the shade of the product without having to open the compact. For the price you receive 4.5 grams of product.

I was able to purchase this product from boots stores in the UK and retails for around £6.  five out of five from me!

Sincerely, Harry

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